What is a Death Doula?

A Death Doula—also known as Death Midwife, Death Coach, End of Life Doula, Caregiver to the Dying—is a holistic practitioner. We care for the dying, and coach loved ones through the labor of death. We bridge the gap between medical necessities and holistic comfort; caring for mind, body, and spirit. We help create a meaningful experience and restore dignity. 

Having a Doula present means the people in your life are able to maintain their respective roles—sister gets to be sister, daughter gets to be daughter, husband gets to be husband—rather than solely caregivers. Doulas absorb the tasking, so you can be present with your loved one. Tasks can include paperwork, organization, companionship, care, light housekeeping, errands, creating a vigil, and more.

According to the National Hospice Foundation, 80% of people prefer to die at home if possible. However, currently the numbers paint a different picture: 60% die in acute care hospitals, 20% in nursing homes, and only 20% at home.1

I believe in my heart that we can do so much better. 


Death Doulas Are Changing the Way We Do Death

My Doula practice is built on coaching, empowering and educating families to take death back. Your dying experience is your final sacred expression. You were born to do this! My mission is to normalize the process and support you through it. 

A century ago, birthing and dying happened at home. Family and community came together. The title “Death Doula” didn’t exist because it was just something we did for our loved ones. It wasn’t a medical event. Hospitals were designed not for death, but for healing.

Of course, not all deaths are peaceful and beautiful—but some are. My commitment as a Death Doula is to facilitate a meaningful experience, setting a sacred space that honors the dying person and becomes a memorable piece of legacy.


Want to Learn More?

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