Crystal Flores Interviewed on "Piloting Your Life" Podcast

In this week's episode of the podcast Piloting Your Life, host Terri Hanson Mead interviews The Grateful Death's Crystal Flores about what she has learned about living through navigating death.

Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • What death doulas do
  • How end-of-life doulas different from and complement hospice care
  • Who pays for a death doula and who tends to bring one in
  • Crystal's personal experience with the death of her parents and how it led to her discovering her calling
  • Different ways people use death doulas and the services that are offered
  • The cultural shift that is reconnecting death and dying to the human experience

Piloting Your Life podcast episode featuring Seattle end-of-life doula Crystal Flores

In Piloting Your Life, diverse women from around the world share their personal stories of learning, growing, and thriving through midlife to inspire listeners to explore and experiment. Listen to the episode here.